Semi Permanent Make Up is a cosmetic treatment, a form of tattooing. Medical grade pigments are implanted inside the skin to create natural effects to mimic make up or to disguise hair loss or scarring.


What is the difference between Semi Permanent Make Up and Permanent Make Up?

There is no difference, it is described as Semi Permanent as natural pigments are used which may fade with time, but the pigment will remain permanently within the skin whether or not it is visible to the naked eye. Pigments should always be used not traditional tattoo inks for safety and aesthetic purposes.

The same technique is used to create medical tattoo procedures.


What is Semi Permanent Make Up used for?

Semi Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing is used for various effects such as Eyebrow Shaping Enhancements, or Eyebrow Tattoo. Why tattoo eyebrows? Eyebrow procedures are very successful when carried out correctly and can disguise little or no hair, badly shaped or overplucked brows giving a much more pleasing effect than false eyebrows or temporary eyebrow procedures. Hairstroke simulation gives beautiful results ideal for hair lost through alopecia or following chemotherapy.

Other popular procedures are Lip Enhancements, or lip tattoo. Why tattoo lips? this can give illusion of volume, a full make up effect or can replace pigment loss from herpes or ageing, another positive result is collagen synthesis within the lip area, particularly the vermillion border. Smokers lines appear diminished and improvement is often seen following several treatments. Natural colour can be used or a stronger make up effect.

Eye Tattoo procedures to create eyeliners is also extremely popular and ideal for those with difficulty applying traditional make up on a daily basis, swimmers, busy professionals, also those with sight difficulties.


What are the benefits of Semi Permanent Make Up treatments?

There are many benefits from successful treatment including increased confidence and well being,


Is Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing Safe?

Yes it is classed as a safe procedure when carried out with proper precautions.


What are the risks of having Semi Permanent Make Up Treatment?

When treatment is carried out by a trained skilled professional the risks are negligible, the biggest risk is an unclean procedure and unsatisfactory aesthetic effect, allergic reaction is rare but must be taken into account before undergoing Permanent Make Up treatment.

Risks can be lowered by going to a trained professional with links to professional bodies such as the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). Ensure they are insured and are registered to carry out cosmetic tattoo procedures with the local authorities. Check their portfolio of work for whichever procedure you are interested in such as Permanent Make Up.

As some pigments contain metals Iron Oxide and Titanium which mean you must advise radiologist if you have MRI scan after treatment as with traditional tattoo procedures.


How long does Semi Permanent Make Up last?

Semi Permanent Make Up usually lasts around 2 years but can last longer before requiring a retouch. This is why it is often called Semi Permanent Make Up rather than Permanent. Duration depends on several factors including lifestyle, alchohol intake, smoking and UV exposure, age and health also will effect the length of time that Semi Permanent Make Up can last.

Price List

All semi-permanent makeup procedures require 2 treatments to complete the process. Stage 1 is the initial appointment, you then need to return 4-6 weeks later for stage 2 which is a re-touch treatment. This is because the skin doesn’t hold the pigment perfectly with just one treatment and so the re-touch is to fill in any gaps and re-enforce the colour.

Consultation                            FREE

Payment option 1 (total cost is paid on the 1st treatment)


Powdered brow effect                                              £225
3D Hair stroke brow

Eyeliner – Top                                                            £225
Eyeliner – Top & Bottom                                         £275

Lip Liner with small blend                                      £225
Lip Liner with full lip blush                                    £275

Payment Option 2 (cost is split into 2 payments)

Stage 1: Powdered or Hair stroke effect               £150
Stage 2: Re-touch                                                      £75

Stage 1: Eyeliner – Top                                             £150
Stage 1: Eyeliner – Top & Bottom                          £200
Stage 2: Re-touch                                                     £75

Stage 1: Lip Liner with small blend                      £150
Stage 1: Lip Liner with full lip blush                    £200
Stage 2: Re-touch                                                     £75